It´s time to relax myself

After skiing, sometimes I use to run half an hour to relax my muscles. Usually, I run on trails around Alpine Meadows. This week, I got a running injury. Well, I suppose it had to happen sometime. The terrain was slippery and I twisted my right ankle. In addition it was not swelling up pretty quickly, but I’ve still got a Grade 2 sprain and strict orders not to ski in two-three weeks. That one was hard to swallow. I expected to hear “one week”. Three sounds like forever!


So now, while all my friends are training in the mountain, I have to continue taking advantage of the time doing something else. Because, my drivers license from Spain expires in one month, I have decided to get the Canadian Driver’s License at this time.

Canadian driver’s license is cheaper than in Spain and is going to cost me 85$ca (15$ca knowledge test, 70$ca road test). The test is on a computer and you must answer at least 40 out of 50 questions correctly to pass. There is an app for Apple (ICBC), where you can test yourself.


If you pass the knowledge test you are able to do the road test. During the road test, an ICBC driver examiner will come with you to test how safely you drive. If you pass the road test, you will get a B.C drivers license.

I just get the fishing license from British Columbia and at this time I am also fishing. Around Whistler there are a lot of lakes and rivers. In those lakes and rivers you can fish trout, salmon and steelhead. Here are some pictures about Whistler fishing that I have found around the internet.



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